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Our terms of purchase

Updated 28/05/21

These terms of purchase (the "Agreement" below) are adapted for sale on the Internet (distance selling). Togetherry AB (Organization number: 559297-5980) is the selling party. The Purchasing Party is referred to as the "Customer" in this Agreement. The terms of the Agreement are adapted for sales to private individuals who have reached the age of 18 with domicile in Sweden and for the sale of Services. With us, you as a customer can easily place an order at ("Website" below).
The provisions of this agreement do not apply to agreements on purchases entered into before 13 June 2014. To increase clarity, there is a date marking in the header. If the terms of the Agreement have changed, an end date is also stated. If the end date is stated, the Agreement applies until 00:00 the date on which the Agreement ceased to apply. You as a customer are given the opportunity to accept these terms in connection with your order.
Terms or parts thereof in this Agreement that deviate from mandatory legislation are without effect to the extent that the deviation is not in favor of the customer. This provision only applies if the customer is a private individual and that the purchase refers to private consumption.
At you order services easily and conveniently. We offer secure payment options and deliver our services immediately after the transaction has been completed. Togetherry AB receives your order when you click on the "Confirm payment" button at checkout (step 3 of 3). By clicking on the "Confirm payment" button, "Complete order" or similar (depending on which payment option you choose), you as a customer also accept payment responsibility for your order. When Togetherry AB has received your payment, you will receive an e-mail confirmation to the e-mail address you provided when you ordered.
When you pay for your order, this Agreement is concluded. More information about payment options and associated conditions can be found in section 5. Payment below.

Prices are stated in Swedish kronor (SEK) including VAT (VAT) according to the current tax state. VAT for services subject to VAT is charged at 25%.
Offers and promotions marketed on the website are valid for the specified time if no other conditions are reported in connection with the offer.
All services offered on the Website are adapted for use on This means, among other things, that the services contain certain regulations, which you can read more about in our User Agreement. Any technical specifications, special requirements for accessory equipment and information about limitations are stated in our User Agreement.
Card payment
Togetherry AB offers secure card payment. The card is charged when you as a customer have completed your order, card payment is possible with the following card types:
-VISA Electron
-American Express (Amex)
-Diners Club
Direct payment (bank)
Togetherry  AB begins fulfillment of this agreement when you pay for your order. Togetherry AB has fulfilled its part of this agreement when you have received full delivery of ordered services in your possession. You as a customer have fulfilled your part of this agreement when you have paid in full and received delivery of ordered services in the manner agreed.

Togetherry AB provides you with the ordered services to your user account immediately after the transaction has been completed.
Right of withdrawal
Customers who enter into this agreement in their capacity as private individuals have the right to withdraw from the agreement in accordance with the Act (2005: 59) on distance contracts and contracts outside business premises. The right of withdrawal does not apply to customers who have entered into this agreement in their capacity as traders. The right of withdrawal is valid for 14 days (the withdrawal period), the time is calculated from the day when you as a customer have received delivery. The right of withdrawal does not apply at the times when the customer has chosen to start using the services. When exercising the right of withdrawal, the customer must notify Togetherry AB as soon as possible and not use the ordered services.
When the customer has given notice that he or she is exercising his / her right of withdrawal, Togetherry AB will make a refund without undue delay, but no later than within 14 days. Repayment is made with the same means of payment as the customer used to the extent that it is technically possible.
Procedure in case of right of withdrawal
Use the contact information below to notify Togetherry AB that you wish to cancel the purchase. The following form can also be used as a template for notified of the right of withdrawal. Click here to access the form on the Swedish Consumer Agency's website.
Contact information
Togetherry AB
Botäkt 17
79191 Falun
Togetherry AB repays the money without undue delay in exercising the right of withdrawal or if repayment has been decided in a complaint case.

9. Reservations
Cancellation reservation
Togetherry AB reserves the right to terminate the agreement in the event that the customer has acted in bad faith due to inaccuracies that the customer was aware of or should have realized, such as incorrect information about price or availability on the website. In the event that the cancellation reservation is enforced, the customer is not entitled to damages or other compensation from Togetherry AB.
Subject to change
Togetherry AB reserves the right to change the content of the website without notice, which includes, but is not limited to, offers, prices and promotions. However, such a change does not affect agreements already entered into between Togetherry AB and the customer.
Togetherry AB shall be deemed to be released from all obligations under this agreement if liability would otherwise have arisen due to an event outside this agreement, Togetherry AB's operations or what otherwise follows from mandatory law.
10. Disclaimer
Force majeure
In the event of government action or omission, new legislation, labor law conflict, war or danger of war, major disturbance of public order, sabotage, extreme weather conditions, fire, explosion, natural disaster, accident or other circumstance beyond Togetherry AB's control and as Togetherry AB has not been able to reasonably overcome or anticipate, Togetherry AB shall have the right to waive its obligations in this Agreement. In such an event, Togetherry AB shall not be liable for damages in the event of damage to the customer.
External links
Togetherry AB is not responsible for any damage and problems with the customer's software or hardware that arise due to the customer using external links that are published on
Reservation for price fluctuations or other trade barriers
In the event of price fluctuations or other barriers to trade, such as a lack of the necessary component, where Togetherry AB can not reasonably be held to its obligations under this agreement, Togetherry AB has the right to terminate the agreement. In such an event, the customer is not entitled to damages or other compensation from Togetherry AB.
Reservation for tax and fee changes
In the event of significant tax or fee changes, which are of great importance for the conditions of this agreement, Togetherry AB has the right to terminate the agreement. In such an event, the customer is not entitled to damages or other compensation from Togetherry AB.
11. Personal data and confidentiality
Information such as personal information or other information or part of a document that the customer submits to Togetherry AB will be stored and processed in digital format. Togetherry AB is responsible for the data being stored and processed in accordance with the Personal Data Act. The customer's information will be used by Togetherry AB to enable and ensure fulfillment of the Agreement.
Personal data controller:
Togetherry AB (Org. 559297-5980)
Botäkt 17
79191 Falun
Customer information stored:
-Email address
-Phone number
-Personal number
-Purchase history at em-offer Development AB
The information may also be disclosed to third parties, and used for the purposes set out below:
-Contract partners in payment services in order to ensure fulfillment of the agreement and for marketing purposes.
-Contract partner in logistics (carrier) in order to ensure fulfillment of the contract.
-Marketing partner hired by em-offer Development AB in order to ensure fulfillment of the agreement and for marketing purposes.
Registry excerpt:
If you as a customer have entered into this agreement as a private individual, you have the right to request a register extract once a year free of charge. A register extract indicates what information is stored about you. You request this by sending a signed request to the above postal address. Of course, if the information we have about you is incorrect, incomplete or misleading, we will correct it.
Deregistration of customer information:
You as a customer can, upon written and signed request, have your customer information at em-offer Development AB deleted, subject to such information as is required for Togetherry AB to be able to maintain good accounting and bookkeeping practice.
12. Other
Report to the police
Togetherry AB routinely reports all frauds, attempted frauds and misconduct orders to the police.
Discrepancy between different publications
If there are differences between information on the website and other entities, the information provided on the website shall take precedence. However, this does not apply to information that is clearly incorrect or misleading in a comparison between the different units.
Intellectual property rights, logos and trademarks
All material published on the website, including software, logos, audio files, trademarks and text & image is protected by intellectual property rights. The protection means that the material may not be used without the licensee's permission, nor may the material be copied or otherwise transferred to third parties without the express permission of Togetherry AB. Any violations will be prosecuted.
Purpose of the information
All information on the website, regardless of format, is published for informational purposes only so that visitors can use the website. Togetherry AB is thus not responsible for the consequences or damages that may arise if this information is used for any purpose other than that stated above.
Cookies, "cookies", are small files that are saved on the visitor's computer when he visits a website. The website uses the following types of cookies:
Session cookies: "Session cookies" are only temporarily stored on the visitor's computer so that he can use the website without any problems. When the visitor closes their browser, saving session cookies are also deleted.
Persistent cookies: "Permanent cookies" are saved on the visitor's computer and are permanent. Persistent cookies are used, among other things, to identify a returning visitor and sometimes also as a basis for statistics programs.
Opt-in: On the website, you as a visitor always have the right to choose as soon as you visit our website if you want cookies to be saved on your computer. If you choose not to accept this, no permanent cookies will be stored on your computer, but this may lead to our website not working optimally when you visit it.
Disputes between Togetherry AB and you as a customer are tried in the court that follows from mandatory legislation. In the event that a case is tried in the General Complaints Board, Togetherry AB will follow the board's decision.

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