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Togetherry – The new dating site

For the vast majority of people, mental illness is linked to encounters with other people. Loneliness is very rarely a good idea. In fact, we dare to say that it never is, not in the long run. At Togetherry, we run a platform for just that – Human Meetings. At our young meeting place, lots of people meet daily. These may be people who are mainly looking for friendship. These may be people who are not looking for something long-lasting but who can imagine a flirtation. It can also be about those who, to some extent, are looking for love and relationship. In short: At Togetherry there are all types, and that's exactly how we want it.

Does that sound good?

A varied dating site for different people

Now that we have your attention, we can take the opportunity to tell you a little more about ourselves. As we mentioned earlier, Togetherry is a dating site for different purposes and different people. This is not just something that we say and then do nothing of. This attitude permeates our entire business and the dating site that we developed. We will tell you what this might look like in practice.

Who is at Togetherry?

That's the thing. With us you can hang out, match and talk to people no matter who you are. There is always someone who shares one's interests, life attitude and purposes with the visit. You could say that we are not really a dating site, in the "right" sense of the word. Perhaps it would be more likely to say that we are a kind of contact page. A page on which people of different target groups can interact with each other. We have created a page for meaningful human contacts. What you think makes sense, on the other hand, is up to everyone, and that is what is so wonderful!

What can I do on your dating site?

Togetherry is designed to match the interests of different people. The truth is that not everyone likes the same thing when it comes to dating sites. On many pages there is a single means of communication and it is written text. We believe that limiting their communicative tools is losing the interests of many users. This is what has made us want to develop a page with different features. Features that allow people to choose for themselves which ways are right for them.

When you choose to become a member of us, you can:

  • Text chat
  • Video chat
  • Discuss in one or more of our forums
  • Share your thoughts in blog format

Since our dating site is constantly evolving, this range will be even bigger. We adapt to the wishes of the users. Given the rapidly growing number of users, it is only a matter of time before new tools enter the Togetherry plan. Keep an eye out!

How do I get new matches?

At Togetherry we have a tool that we have chosen to call The Nearest User. It is a feature that does exactly what the name reveals. It ensures that the people who show up in your sweep are people in your geographic vicinity. When you use Closest User, you have access to an interactive map of the people who are in the hooks. Of course, exact positions are not given. This is so that we can guarantee the safety of all users.

How we think

Our primary mission is to enable people to converge. It is against this background that we built our dating site. Here you should be able to meet like-minded people (or why not dissidents?) for meetings of various kinds. We open for discussion and for conversations, both online and IRL. It is you as a user who controls how best to use Togetherry's tools.

However, this should be emphasized: Our dating site is not uncompromising. To be at Togetherry, you have to stick to laws and regulations. We call for respectful conversational tone and an overall empathy for other users. It creates a safe and pleasant environment – and it lasts best in the long run!

Dating sites and their uses

Now dating sites have been around for quite some time. The first "real" side came as early as the mid-1990s. At the beginning of the 2000s, many more came and then it has really just continued on the same track. Today there are lots of pages, both large and small, that allow people to meet in different ways.

At Togetherry, we find dating sites very interesting. We have built our own meeting platform but we are also very interested in dating and apps in general. Did you know, for example, that matching technology is now being used for other purposes? The latest talk is that professional footballers should be able to use a kind of dating site. On the page, like Togetherry, they can swipe right or left at different sports clubs. At the other end of the spectrum, the sports club has a similar profile in which they instead swipe at players. This allows players and clubs to match with each other without time and money-consuming intermediaries. That's smart, isn't it?

The example of footballers is just one example of uses for "dating apps". Who really knows what to expect in the future? Perhaps the labour market for non-football-playing people can also look like that? These are exciting times that await in many ways, not least because digitalisation brings people closer together. At Togetherry, we are extremely happy and proud to contribute to this positive development.

A push of a button from a more social life

Have you waited long enough to meet new people? At Togetherry there are lots of people waiting to meet right. Whether you are looking for the love of your life, whether you are looking for flirting or friendship is your melody – with us there are people of all types and with all interests and purposes.

Signing up to our dating site is one of the easiest things you can do. All you have to do is click that you want to start an account, fill in the details and upload the image. Then just jump in and start socializing with other members. Smooth, huh?

When talking about the history of dating sites – how far back should you really turn your attention?

About this obviously dispute they learned. When you take part in research on dating and human relationships, they do research on different links to historical events. In some cases, it may be a matter of looking back to the internet's entry into people's homes. This is reasonable, of course, because the word dating site (for most people) means an online page on which to date. Other researchers point to some of the first computers and say these developers were pioneers. Students at some US universities reportedly developed computer systems for matchmaking. Others choose to go much further back in history. There is talk of the 19th and even 18th centuries when talking about the wind of dating sites.

Which interpretation of dating history is most adequate, we leave to those who know better than us. What is clear is that the evolution of dating is very much ongoing. In this text, we will share research on dating sites and dating overall. In addition to this, we will give our view on the matter and tell you about how we developed Togetherry to meet the wishes of our users.

Sign up today!

Thinking about starting an account at Togetherry? Then we can make sure that it is almost frighteningly simple. In fact, we can barely imagine anything that goes as fast and easy as registering a profile on our dating site. All you have to do is fill in your details. Who are you? What are you looking for? Next, upload an image (or why not more?) to show other users who you are. Then, just jump into forums, blogs, text chats, or video chats – yes, whatever you prefer.

New contacts are waiting around the corner and they're at Togetherry. Register your account with us today and see what the surroundings have to offer in the form of new friends and/or flirts!

What do we really know about dating sites?

Given how much dating sites have become in people's everyday lives, what we're telling you now is unsurprising: There's a lot of research on people's online dating habits. In fact, we were surprised when we realised how much it was actually about. In addition to the large amount, we noted another important thing about research on this type of site. Most of it is performed by Americans and therefore shows figures and statistics about American users of dating sites. However, it is gratifying for those who want to draw conclusions from this research that it seems to be quite similar on the other side of the puddle. In Sweden there are more singles than in many other Western countries and therefore the number of users here can be seen as slightly higher. In the best of accelerating dating research in other parts of the world as well – but in the meantime, you get to take what you have.

Now to the point.

Young people dominate on the dating sites

Of course, no one is surprised to hear that young people are the ones who use dating sites the most. Surveys from 2016 showed that as many as 1/3 of all people aged 15-34 use some form of dating app. Since this survey was carried out, an enormous amount has happened. This is despite the fact that it was "only" 5 years ago that it was carried out. A lot has happened both with people's habits and with the dating sites and apps available. We therefore have reason to believe that the figure is in fact even higher today. However, we would ask to come back with more precise figures on the matter later on.

Advantage men, but not with very much

Much of the statistics kept about dating sites (and about dating in general) compare men's and women's behaviors. There are many aspects where you can see great similarities but also those where the use differs. There is a perception that there would be significantly more men than women using dating sites. It is true that there are more (about 52% of users) but the gap is far from as big as rumours sometimes say. It should also be added that these are general figures, about online dating in general. If you go down to the local level, and look at a specific geographical area, they may look different. The same applies, of course, to which service you are looking at.

Positive attitude towards dating sites dominates

People's opinions always differ, this is something we can be sure of. People's perceptions of dating sites are no exception. While one may think it is the best thing that has happened to humanity since the wheel, the other may have a more sceptical attitude. What is pleasing, however, is that these seem to be predominantly positive attitudes. Pretty superior, too. In US research on dating, it has been shown that almost 3/4 users found it easy to find people they are attracted to. Almost as many say it was easy to find people whose interests were shared. People you could simply imagine fitting in well with, one way or another.

This is a very positive development, not only for dating sites but for people at large. We at Togetherry are convinced of that. Sweden is one of the countries in the world in which people live mostly alone. With this relatively new way of meeting with other people, this negative trend can change. If you are looking for a way to get to know new people, you can be pleased that you are only a few keystrokes away. All you have to do is start a new profile, post a picture, and start matching.

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