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Dating Sverige

People have, through all times, been looking for ways to reach each other. Meeting places that allow them to meet new friends and loves, flirts and colleagues. The word dating has not been used since time immemorial, either in Sweden or the world, but the activity is as old as man. We have, you might say, always dated, even though we had a long time lacked a word for it. In this text we will talk specifically about dating in Sweden.

What has the story really been like? What obstacles have existed and how have they been overcome? How much has technological development affected people's abilities to meet? We will talk about how we humans have made it from old times and all the way into Togetherry's app.

Come on, come with me?

Togetherry - Dating in Sweden

Okay, we still have to start by telling you a little about how we think about our role in dating in Sweden. If you've missed out on what Togetherry is and what we're doing, here's our story in brief. Have you heard that before? Then you can skip this part and read on about a more general text about dating in Sweden further down.

Our business

The fact that we are driven by a desire to bring people together may well be self-des at all. But now we say it still makes it extra clear. We are passionate about human interaction and it is this drive that under foundations the entire organization. Togetherry is a young but rapidly growing platform in dating in Sweden. A platform, unique to Sweden, with effective tools and new ways of looking at dating in general. We are proud of the position we have been in in the short time we have been in, and at the same time excited about the future ahead. This applies not only to us as a company, but to dating in Sweden in general. Digitalisation, if the cards are played correctly, can bring people closer together. We will make sure we do everything we can to help progress along the way.

For you as a user

We always focus on you as a user. I think that's evident in the way our dating site is designed. We have built it with breadth in mind. Since we know that all people work differently, we also want these differences to be visible in our app. We want to appeal to the whole of Sweden and everyone involved in dating – that's our goal. On our page you can use a variety of tools to meet the people you want. Where many competitors offer only text-based chat, we offer a variety of social tools. Anyone who chooses dating in Sweden via Togetherry can both video chat, blog and discuss on forums.

What's right for you? Sign up today and choose the means of communication!

For high quality and respectful dating in Sweden

It is a conscious choice for us at Togetherry to target a broad audience. That's exactly where we want to be. We are there for everyone in Sweden who is looking for contact, whether it's dating, love, flirting or friendship. With us you are always welcome, whoever you are. We encourage all users of Togetherry to show respect for each other and follow our rules around behavior. That's how we can achieve a nice meeting place, for everyone, together!

Sign up for Sweden's best dating today!

Curious to try one of Sweden's fastest growing dating platforms? Then you can rejoice that you don't have to be curious much anymore. Registering at Togetherry is one of the easiest things you can do. All you have to do is register a profile. Fill in some details about yourself, upload any image (or why not several?) and get started. It's no harder than that. There are already lots of people waiting at the other end, no matter what you are looking for in dating in Sweden.

Dating in Sweden

So, now we've given ourselves the presentation we wanted to give you. Now we will move on to talking more about dating in general and meetings between people Sweden in particular. When you dive into the subject, there is actually more written about it than you might first think. There is an interest in mapping what dating in Sweden looks like, both historically and in our time. Here we have gathered some of the most interesting insights about dating in Sweden.

Where should we start?

We have noted an interesting detail in research and texts about dating, in Sweden and internationally. This detail is about how far you really turn your attention when talking about the dating story. There seems to be some discrepancy here, and sometimes quite a proper one. In our quest to learn more about dating in Sweden, we have found texts in which the author has drawn connections to cavemen. Other texts have at least washed up to the time that took place about 500 years ago. Some choose to talk about dating in Sweden only when computers entered our homes – or perhaps above all: the internet's entry into our computers.

So where do you really start looking? We do not have a strong opinion on this. You can learn a lot about interpersonal relationships by looking back in history. There is no doubt about this. If, on the other hand, you can build a better platform for dating in sweden because you know how the ancient man flirted? We'll leave that unsaid.

The history of dating in Sweden

It should be remembered that only a few hundred years ago the world looked very different from how it looks today. In Sweden, they lived almost exclusively in rural areas until industries and thus cities began to emerge. Maybe this was some kind of starting point for dating in Sweden? The fact that all of a sudden you found yourself living near other people. Where there were jobs in Sweden there were also potential partners, and thus opportunities for dating.

Cities are emerging

One of the biggest differences between dating in 19th-century Sweden and in our time is, of course, the means of communication. Today we have lots of ways to communicate with others. There are more people and more and more forums to meet new people on. So the conditions must be better today, right? Not necessarily! Research shows that people in previous eras have been significantly less bound to the home. To survive in society of the time, you had to go out. Streets and squares became the playing field for work and human meetings. The conditions for dating could be seen as significantly better in 19th-century Sweden. At least that is what some researchers in the field mean.

Are you coming with me? Good! Then we make a real jump through the history of dating in Sweden.

Personals in journals

"Young, nice man with great interest in sports is looking for a funny and outgoing girl with a nice smile". That's what a contact ad in a magazine could look like. Yes, of course, they do not occur to any less extent today. The Internet killed off that kind of dating in Sweden. That is not very surprising, of course. Why pay money to put expensive ads in magazines when you can advertise yourself on dating sites?

There was a time when newspapers and dating in Sweden were strongly interconnected. Here the communication looked very different from how it looks today. They were straight pipes, no frills. A text that explained who you were and what you were looking for. The idea, of course, was that someone would feel hit and answer, but the dialogue was extremely slow – yes, until you were seen in real life then of course. If only it happened.

The Internet and the new era of dating in Sweden

You could say that the era that came after (or to some extent at the same time) as the above was the Hotline time. However, we choose not to give it its own section in this text about dating in Sweden. It was a short period and maybe we should be happy about that.

Well, the potentially biggest step for dating in Sweden came in the mid-1990s. The home computer then made its entrance into Swedish homes when the internet was first launched. Back in 1995, what is considered the world's first online dating service started. An amazing step forward for all people who wanted to start dating in Sweden. All of a sudden, you had to put in minimal time and effort to meet with others. It could be dated, chatted and talked with just a few taps.

Dating in Sweden today

Times are constantly changing and the landscape of dating in Sweden looks completely different from 20-25 years ago. Since the internet first knocked on the door, an enormous amount has happened. Digitalisation is constantly accelerating. Tools that only a few years ago sounded like fantasy have now become a reality or are soon realized. This, of course, develops all areas and dating in Sweden is no exception. With the help of more advanced software, matches between people can be achieved more easily. It's getting easier and easier to meet people who share your search. For those who want to make new friends, a new partner or just flirt.

We mentioned earlier that the conditions for dating in the Sweden that existed a couple of hundred years ago were good. This is thanks to the social way in which one lived. Nevertheless, we dare to stick our neck out and say that the conditions today are many times better than ever before. Not only have the tools become more advanced and the platforms more advanced. These are purely practical components which, of course, have made a strong contribution. But the biggest change, we believe, is happening in ourselves. The mentality around dating in Sweden has changed in recent decades. There is no longer widespread scepticism towards single people. Sites that exist specifically for dating in Sweden no longer have the same rumours they had in the past. It's a bright time. For dating and for applicants in Sweden in general.

A social future

What will the future of dating in Sweden and the world really look like? Yes, who knows? It is, as usual, impossible to see anything that has not yet happened. At Togetherry, we believe in a continuation of the development we have already tasted. We believe that there will be several revolutionary stages in the next few years alone. The stages whose technological advances allow people to get even closer together.

If we talk about dating in Sweden for many years to come, and not just in the next few years, we believe in an even brighter future. Soon the vast majority of people will have computers and the internet as important parts of their lives, for many years. This is likely to shorten the step to getting to know people through digital means. Loneliness among pensioners can thus become a problem that becomes dying out. The same applies, of course, to other types of loneliness. With each passing day, it becomes more socially acceptable to engage in dating in Sweden. As I said, we can only speculate on what the future might look like. If we allow ourselves to do just that, we believe that the future of dating in Sweden will be one big right-wing sweep.


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Time for Togetherry?

Okay, we think you understand now. Meeting new people is a good thing. It's something that the vast majority of people should be doing. Whether it's love relationships, flirting, friendships or... yes, anything. To broaden your acquaintances is to broaden your senses.

If you feel like you want to get to know new, amazing people – try Togetherry for free today! It's almost so simple that you'd think it's not true. All you have to do is start a profile, upload some nice pictures and jump into any tool. Want to chat? Text or video? Want to blog or read other people's blogs? Would you like to discuss in one of Togetherry's forums? No matter what type of dialogue you want to have with other users, there is an option for you.

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